Girdles with lumbar support: allies during pregnancy

What are girdles with lumbar support?

Lumbar support girdles are garments specifically designed to provide support and relief to the lower back during pregnancy. These girdles fit around the abdomen and lower back, providing adequate support and reducing pressure on the spine. In addition, they also contribute to maintaining a correct posture, which is especially important during this stage in a woman's life.

Benefits during pregnancy

Pregnancy can cause a number of changes to a woman's body, including weight gain, a shift in center of gravity, and weakness in the abdominal muscles. These changes can cause pain and discomfort in the lower back, as well as posture problems. The use of lumbar support belts can help alleviate these symptoms and provide greater comfort for pregnant women.

One of the most outstanding benefits of lumbar support belts is the reduction of pressure on the spine. During pregnancy, weight gain in the abdomen area can put pressure on the lower back, which can result in pain and discomfort. These girdles efficiently distribute this load, relieving stress on the lower back and reducing the likelihood of developing spinal problems.

Another important benefit is the added support they provide to weakened abdominal muscles. During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles stretch to allow for the growth of the baby, which can lead to weakness and instability in this area. Girdles with lumbar support provide support and resistance, helping to strengthen the abdominal muscles and providing stability and protection to the lower back.

Comfort and ease of movement

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, lumbar support girdles also offer comfort and ease of movement during pregnancy. These garments are designed with soft and elastic materials that adapt to the growth of the belly, which provides a feeling of comfort throughout the day.

Likewise, lumbar support belts do not restrict movements and allow pregnant women to carry out their daily activities without difficulty. This is especially important, as staying active and getting moderate exercise during pregnancy is beneficial for both mother and baby. These girdles can be used during the daily routine, during exercise or even when sleeping, providing constant support and helping to rest properly.

Recommendations for proper use

Although lumbar support belts are an excellent option to relieve pain and provide comfort during pregnancy, it is important to use them properly. Here are some key recommendations:

  • Consult with the doctor: Before starting to use a lumbar support belt, it is important to consult with the obstetrician to ensure that there are no specific contraindications in each case.
  • Choosing the correct size: It is essential to select a girdle that fits the body properly. An incorrect size can cause discomfort and not provide the expected benefits.
  • Do not use for long periods of time: Although lumbar support belts can be used for several hours a day, it is not recommended to use them continuously for long periods of time. It is recommended to alternate its use and provide rest to the lower back.
  • Combine with physical exercise: To obtain the best results, it is advisable to combine the use of lumbar support girdles with specific exercises to strengthen the abdominal and back muscles. Consulting with a prenatal exercise specialist can be of great help in designing a safe and effective routine.


Lumbar support belts are key allies during pregnancy, as they provide relief from lower back pain, reduce pressure on the spine, strengthen the abdominal muscles and help maintain proper posture. In addition, they also offer comfort and ease of movement, allowing you to carry out daily activities without restrictions. It is important to use them properly, following medical recommendations and alternating their use with strengthening exercises. In summary, lumbar support belts are an excellent option for pregnant women who want to feel more comfortable and protected during this very special stage of their lives.

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