The do's and don'ts of wearing fajas colombianas on a daily basis


Colombian girdles are a popular garment in many countries, especially among women. These girdles are designed to provide support and shape the body, providing a slimmer and more defined appearance. However, it is important to know how to use them correctly to avoid health problems and get the desired results. In this article, we will give you tips on the do's and don'ts of wearing fajas colombianas on a daily basis.

What to do when using Colombian girdles

Next, we present a list of recommended actions to make the most of the use of Colombian girdles:

  • Consult a specialist: Before starting to use Colombian girdles, it is essential that you consult a health specialist or a doctor. They will be able to evaluate your state of health and determine if you are a candidate to use this garment.
  • Choose the right size: It is essential to select a girdle that fits your body correctly. An inappropriate size can be uncomfortable and even harmful. Follow the size guide provided by the manufacturer and take the necessary measurements.
  • Use quality girdles: Opt for Colombian girdles from recognized and quality brands. These garments are designed with special materials that allow perspiration and provide comfort during use.
  • Wear the girdle gradually: If this is your first time wearing a girdle, it is important that you get used to it gradually. Do not use it for long periods of time at first. Start with a couple of hours a day and increase the time as you feel more comfortable.
  • Wash your girdle correctly: To maintain the hygiene of your Colombian girdle, make sure to wash it correctly. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and use the recommended products to avoid damage to the material.
  • Combine the use of the girdle with a healthy diet and exercise: The Colombian girdle is not a magical solution to achieve the desired figure. Combine its use with a balanced diet and regular exercise to obtain lasting results.

What not to do when using Colombian girdles

In addition to the actions that you must follow, there are also some things that you must avoid when using fajas colombianas:

  • Do not wear girdles that are too tight: Although it is normal for a girdle to be tight, you should not wear one that is too tight. This can make breathing difficult and cause circulatory problems.
  • Do not wear girdles while you sleep: It is important to give your body a rest. Do not wear fajas colombianas while you sleep, as this can affect your comfort and quality of sleep. Allow your body to relax and breathe during the night.
  • Do not exceed the time of use: Although it is tempting to wear a shapewear throughout the day, it is not recommended. It is important to give your body time to breathe and relax without the compression of the garment. Limit the use of the belt to only a few hours a day.
  • Don't ignore signs of discomfort: If you feel pain, numbness, or any kind of discomfort while wearing a girdle, remove it immediately. Listen to your body and don't force its use if you don't feel well.


Colombian girdles can be an excellent complement to shape and enhance your figure. However, it is essential to use them properly to avoid health problems and obtain the desired results. Follow the advice presented in this article and always seek the advice of a specialist. Remember to combine its use with healthy habits, such as a good diet and regular exercise.

Do not hesitate to try the Colombian girdles and enjoy a more stylized and defined figure!

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